SKYCOM is a commercial company active in the plastic packaging industry. We offer a broad spectrum of packaging solutions for perfumery, cosmetics, detergency, household, car-care and OTC sectors.

Our products range from small and medium-sized polymeric containers, such as bottles, vials, jars, cans, vessels of various kinds, to plastic dispensers, such as triggers, micro-sprayers, crimp pumps, lotion pumps, dosers, measuring caps and individually customized integrated packs.

Our priority is to offer a high quality, highly customizable individual solutions. To make it possible, we avail ourselves of a global network of leading manufacturers in the field of plastic packaging. Our network includes partners from Europe, South-East Asia, Russia and CIS, Middle East and North Africa.

Alongside our core business activities, we developed an integrated offer of complementary products and services, such as property molds for injection and blow molding, preforms and polymeric raw materials.

Raw materials

Our know-how, partnerships and experience, gained in the plastics and packaging industries, stimulated the consequent decision to supply raw materials, coloring masterbatches and stretch film.

Color and Additive Masterbatches

Currently we are able to supply color masterbatches and additive masterbatches for any type of material and use. We transform our customers' individual requests into customized formulas and color matchings ready to use. The use of spectrophotometers in the visible and infrared fields allows a precise definition of the color matching and texture of the product. We determine mineral substrates contained in the product through laboratory tests.

Raw materials for Blow and Injection Molding

The distribution of thermoplastic polymers, for us, implies the use of collaborations with leading multinational companies. We can provide: polythene, high- and low-density polypropylene. 

Extensible Stretch Film

We can supply reels of stretch film, for both automatic and manual applications with thicknesses ranging from 17 to 150 microns, normal or low, medium, high pre-stretching.