Skycom s.r.l.

  • Skycom Products

    A broad-ranging product catalogue

    Triggers, Dispensers, Dosers...

    Finished products

    We provide a wide range of plastic packaging products
    in big quantites

  • Delivery of plastics

    We sell plastic raw materials


    Raw materials

    We work with global polymers suppliers


    P.E.T. preforms

    A broad spectrum of preforms with different weights and neck diameters
    Extremely competitive minimum quantities
    Various colours
    Recycled P.E.T. available

  • From design to finished product

    Consulting and Outsourcing during the process of design
    and implementation of your product

    • Consulting in the design phase
    • Project management for new concepts:
      engineering, design and prototyping
    • Moulds building and tooling
    • Outsourcing Overseas
    • After-Sales Support