Micro Sprayers

Our selection of these products is the most articulated and complete. We offer more than 40 models, in plastic and metal, that cover a wide range of closures from Ø 12 to Ø 28 mm with output from 0,06 ml to 0,5 ml. The majority of models is supplied with bi-injection function “soft touch”. Additionally, we can provide a considerable range of OTC nasal and oral sprayers that can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. Available closures: 20-24-28/400-10-15

  • Available closures from 12-13-15-18-20-22-24-28/400-10-15
  • Output from 0,06ml to 0,28 ml
  • Customisable dip-tubes length,  in “PP” or "LDPE" internal or external