Industrial Lotion Pumps

The delivery capacity of our Industrial Lotion Pumps ranges from a min. of 3.0 ml to a max. of 30 ml. Screw closures can range from Ø 28 mm to Ø 38mm/400 – 10 – 15. Some models of our industrial lotion pumps are equipped with a special thin plate that blocks the exiting liquid, actuated by a «soft touch» button hidden behind the rubber membrane. This drip-catching mechanism prevents liquids from oxidising at contact with  the oxygen.

  • Available closures: from 28 to 32/400-10-15
  • Output from 3.0 ml to 30 ml 
  • Customisable dip-tubes length,  in  “LDPE”
  • Top, bottom and "Clip System" closures